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Hello, and welcome to the New Orleans Ticket Monitor. A service that will inform you when you get a parking or traffic ticket in the city of New Orleans.

How This Works

So here's the deal. The City of New Orleans makes it possible to check your ticket balance online but they won't alert you when you get one. You actually have to go there and check. No problem, the internet exposes many spectacular services such as If This Then That for notifying of just these things. Unfortunately the city's website makes that information available in a format that is impossible to use with such tools.

This site fixes that. It creates a personalized RSS feed for all tickets assigned to your license plate number. You can then hook that up to tools like Google Reader, If This Then That (see below) or Yahoo pipes to notify you when you get a ticket. Easy Peasy!

If you understand what the above means then type your license plate number to get your personalized rss feed. Make sure to prefix your plate number with your 2-letter state so if your plate number is ABC-123 in Louisiana you should input LAABC-123.

This site does not store your license plate number or any other information, everything is used and disposed of immediately.

I am in no way shape or form associated with the City of New Orleans or services such as If This Than That. As such things may change out underneath me and stop working suddenly. For this reason I make no guarantees, but I will try to stay abreast with these and let you know any changes you might need to make.

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Big Fat Disclaimer

Please note that I wrote this tool in an afternoon and offer it free of charge. Furthermore, it depends on the City of New Orleans ticket payment portal with whom I have no affiliation. As such I cannot nor would I want to make any guarantees that this service will continue working perpetually. But it works for now.

Setting Up Email Notification With IFTTT

If this than that recipe here